The “Greenland Ice Summit Expedition 2016” is  a new milestone for polar scientific exploration.

For the first time in history, a vehicle driven by renewable energies will ascend almost  2,000 meters without fossil fuels, while the crew will carry out various scientific experiments relating to the assessment of the climate change.

The new expedition, in which nine people will participate, is planning a journey of 2,000 kilometers starting from the southwest coast, in Kangerlussuaq, to reach the highest point of the interior ice desert (Inlandis) where the scientific USA Summit Camp base is located, and from there they will go down towards the southeast coast, up to Isortoq, where part of the team will leave to be replaced by new incorporations.

From there, they’ll begin the return to Kagerlussuaq crossing the ice, where the adventure will finish, around 32 days after his departure. They will collect samples for different scientific projects.

The WindSled is a project that is growing and  is based on a totally clean vehicle with simple operability. The new prototype of  WindSled has experimented significant improvements with respect to the one used in 2014.

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