The WINDSLED, a Scientific Project



The WindSled is not just a vehicle. It is a global project that wants to ‘do science’. It is the most economical, sustainable and simple manner to research the Arctic (territories such as Greenland), and the Antarctic. The WindSled Project involves the participation of scientists from different fields, instrumentation and technicians.

It is a mobile laboratory serving scientific foundations that are already established but it may also operate as a mobile scientific base. The WindSled’s convoy can transport all the essential equipment for completion of scientific projects in the field.

One must remember that:

–      There is no polar renewable energy driven vehicle that can be used in the Antarctic.

–      East Antarctica is almost unexplored territory. In the ​​inaccessibility area no stable or continuous research program is underway.

–      The Antarctic Treaty and The Madrid Protocol declare the obligation to take extreme environmental protection measures aimed at achieving the no impact ideal.

–      The reality of climate change has highlighted the need and urgency to change our mode of thinking and acting to resolve problems with innovative approaches focused towards zero emissions and zero impact. This is a good example.

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