Ramon H. Larramendi is undoubtedly one of the great polar explorers of the world. At present, he resides between Greenland and Spain. He was born in Madrid in 1965. Since a very young age he was attracted by adventure in polar territories, where he went for the first time at barely 20 years of age. He was the protagonist of the Mapfre Circumpolar Expedition, which covered 14,000 km (8699 mi) in three years. In 1999-2000 he began the WindSled project, with which he has already traveled more than 20,000 km (12427 mi) in the Arctic and Antarctica. Larramendi is founder and director of the travel agency Tierras Polares. He is the organizer, promoter and leader of the Ice River 2017 Expedition.


Australian-American biochemist specializing in polar science. Ross is a visiting professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) since 2016. Previously, he worked as an Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Curtin University, Perth, Australia, and in previous years was at Reno and Ohio University. His research papers focus on black carbon and traces of metals found in snow and ice. He has worked in Antarctica, the Arctic, China and the United States. An important focus of Ross’s research has been the development of new analytical methods for detecting chemical species and nanoparticles at low concentrations and high temporal resolution. He has several patents to his credit. He is interested in feedback between the Earth’s climate and the biosphere. He has more than 50 publications in the best scientific journals in the world (Nature, Science, PNAS, etc.) and 23 years of experience in performing jobs in extreme conditions. He has also worked for the World Health Organization (WHO) on drinking water analysis in third countries. He has invented unique systems for the analysis of ice cuts that are sampled in the Arctic and Antarctica. Recognized by his peers as an innovator.

Ross Edwards is a contributor of the ‘Dark Snow’ project´s team led by glaciologist Jason Box, who studies the impact of forest fires on arctic melting, with the project “Nanoparticles in the atmosphere of the past: feedback on climate change” from the University of Curtis.


Hilo Moreno is a guide, mountaineer and adventurer by profession. Since 2008 he works as a mountain guide in the Spanish Antarctic Base Juan Carlos I, located on Livingston Island during the scientific campaigns of each year. He has a personal web page through which he informs of all his mountaineering trips and expeditions, climbing, skis or kayak. He has traveled to inaccessible places in Alaska, Greenland, Norway, Patagonia, Canada, Lapland, Finland or the Svalbard Islands, among many other destinations. During the last Antarctic campaign he developed different activities related to the WindSled among researchers. He is a member of the WindSled team and was on the former 2016 Ice Summit Expedition. He participates as crew member and logistician concerning the scientific projects to be developed during the Ice River 2017 Expedition, together with Ross Edwards.



Greenlandic Expeditionary, resident in Qaqortoq, South Greenland, and a great connoisseur of the territory of his country. He worked as a Missionary and then studied Dual Maritime Officer at the    Svendborg International Maritime Academy. He is an excellent pilot and works with Ramón Larramendi in his activities with the Tierras Polares agency. He has known the WindSled project for years, although the Ice River Expedition will be the first one in which he will participate.


Nacho García is a television producer and director specialized in shooting in extreme situations. Born in Madrid in 1972 (43 years), he has always been passionate about exploring the most remote places in the world, mainly in snowy and icy landscapes. Skier and mountaineer since a young age, he is also an underwater photography professional, private jet pilot, certified drone pilot and instructor of Alpine Ski Racing. A professor of Extreme Cinematography, subject in which he has participated in workshops and courses in several countries. Participated in the Greenland Ice Summit 2016 Expedition on the WindSled.

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