Greenland 2003

Greenland 2003









After two north – south expeditions in Greenland, the WindSled faces a new challenge, a journey in which Ramón Larramendi in the year 2003 crosses the icy island from east to west, covering a total of 700 km (434.95 mi) in eighteen days. This expedition is a test to verify the weight that can be transported on the sled while moving when there is scarce or no favourable wind.

On this occasion, the WindSled rails are divided into three parts to dismantle it easier enabling dragging when there is no wind. They have also modified the thickness of the rails to be much more suitable.

The crew is composed of Mr. Larramendi (Ramón), the mountaineer Mr. López – Soriano (Luis Miguel) and the geologist and pilot Mr. Viu (Juan Manuel), whom belongs to the project since the year 2001.



This route is one of the busiest for expeditionaries.  It begins at Isortoq in the Angmagssalik Region. In fact, Ramón Larramendi has already followed it beforehand on skis in the year 1986.

This time, the crew takes three days to reach the plateau at 1000 m (3280 ft) in altitude to begin the journey. After 200 km (124.27 mi) of uphill, the expeditionary reach the top of the plateau and initiate a descent until lack of snow and ice hinders further progress. One of the great achievements of this journey is the advancing even when the wind does not blow, illustrating, therefore, that it serves its purpose.

Finally they attain two American bases, about 100 km (62.13 mi) from the coast, and further a camp where an automotive brand is performing tests on their engines. The expeditionary continue their route to reach their objective, Kangerlussuaq, on the west coast of Greenland.

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