2016 WindSled Team



Is with no doubt one of the great polar explorers of the world and a pioneer in Greenland by excellency. At present, he operates Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions, a tour and logistics provider. He was born in Madrid in the year 1965. From very young he was attracted by the adventure in polar areas, where he traveled for the first time at barely 20 years of age. He starred the Mapfre Circumpolar Expedition, in which he traveled 8,700 mi (14,000 km). In 1999 he began the WindSled Project, with which he has journeyed more than 12,427 mi (20,000 km) in the Arctic and Antarctica. He is the founder and director of the logistics and tour operator, Greenland Net. For the 2014 Greenland Circumnavigation Expedition aboard the WindSled, Ramon Larramendi is the organizer, promoter and expedition leader. —



Trained as a civil engineer by the University of Copenhagen, where she was born, her professional life has led her  to reside for several years in Greenland, Norway and the UK, as well as in West Africa, Jamaica, Trinidad, Sri Lanka, among other places. She is currently working as a freelance engineer for Offshore Co., an aeolian energy enterprise. A job that allows Karin to have the flexibility and time to embark on adventures such as the 2014 Greenland Circumnavigation. In fact, she always uses her free time on expeditions, whether climbing, kayaking or skiing in diverse locations such as Norway, Greenland, Altai Mountains, the Andes or the Himalayas. The last few months she has remained in the Norwegian Arctic, training with the Huskies, dogs used for mushing and dogsledding.—


MalikGreenlandic Malik Milfeldt is a lover of his land and for 10 years he has been dedicated to the promotion of the Arctic island as a consultant of the national tourism board in Greenland. Thanks to him and his colleagues Greenland has managed to become one of the most attractive places for cruise ships and adventure tourism operators around the world. Malik is undoubtedly one of the great connoisseurs of the territory as he has travelled all over the coasts of Greenland from south to north, east to west. Previously, he worked as an assistant in the press office of the Danish Association of Managers and Executives ( Ledernes Hovedorganisation ), and has worked as tour leader for different travel agencies in both Greenland, Canada and the United States (Albatros Travel, Profil Rejser, Arctic Adventure ). His  personal interests include hiking, sports fishing, hunting and outdoor sports like kayaking and mountain biking.—



Of Mallorcan origin, Manuel Olivera graduated as an industrial engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Subsequently, he completed a Master’s Degree of Science in Civil Engineering from USC, California. At a young age he was already attracted by mountains and adventure. In 1987 he was the expedition leader with the Technical School of Industrial Engineers at UPM, in the Andes of Peru. The following year, he traveled the Spanish Cantabrian coast by kayak with Ramón Larramendi. Two years later he participated in Ramón’s 1990-1993 Mapfre Circumpolar Expedition. Together they have traveled thousands of miles in three different periods, with a total of 16 months. Since 1994, he works at the Ferrovial Company where he holds the position of Global Head of Equipment Service. Within the 2014 Greenland Circumnavigationin Expedition, Olivera will be responsible for communication and management of scientific projects. —




Ignacio Oficialdegui was born in Pamplona. Biologist and with a master’s degree in environmental impact assessment, started his professional life in the world of international cooperation. At 28, Oficialdegui was already manager in a hospital in central Africa: Nemba Hospital in Rwanda. From there he went to Zimbabwe. On his return to Spain, he became responsible for international research of wind farms in the company EHN for 8 years, and after this he went to the company Acciona.

But beyond its humanistic and environmental vocation, Oficialdegui is an explorer of new challenges. Has more than 30 years practicing mountaineering and has done climbs and explorations in the most important regions of Europe, Greenland and Africa. His concerns embarked him in the adventure of discovering the extreme polar regions, after meeting Ramón Larramendi in Greenland in 2000. In 2005, invited by Ramón, he became one of the three members of the Spanish Trans-antarctic Expedition. He returned to Antarctica in 2009 for a new expedition to the Geographic South Pole, sponsored by La Caixa, with Larramendi and three people with disabilities: “South Pole without limits.” In 2011-2012, he joined the new Antarctic expedition.



Nacho Garcia is a television producer and director who specializes in filming footage in extreme situations. Born in Madrid in 1972, he has always been passionate in the exploration of remote parts of the world. He  has traveled and lived for long periods in Canada and Norway, where he combines audiovisual production specialized in exploration and adventure. Skier and mountaineer, he is also a professional underwater photographer, private aircraft pilot and drones, and an instructor in Alpine Ski Racing. He lives in Oslo.



Hilo Moreno, is a guide, mountaineer and professional adventurer. Since 2008 he works as a technical mountain guide in the Spanish Juan Carlos I Antarctic Base, located on Livingston Island during the scientific campaigns each year.  He has traveled to inaccessible areas of Alaska, Greenland, Norway, Patagonia, Canada, Lapland, Finland or the Svalbard islands, among many other destinations. His first contact with the Arctic was by the hand of Ramón in Greenland, when he was 20 years old. Since then he has been fascinated by the polar regions. In 2007, along with Jose Mijares, they were the first Spaniards to cross the North Patagonian ice field. In April 2010, he traversed on skis in Svalbard islands, from Longyearbyen to Ny Alesund. In 2012, canoed down 1,200 kilometers of Porcupine River between Alaska and Canada. In 2015 he crossed Iceland from north to south. He actually works with digital Weather Today in Channel 5 under a section called “Explorer”. He usually lives in Canada.



The passion for exploration and travel around the planet has marked Vicente Leal. He founded the Mountain Group of Fuenlabrada, with which he made numerous expeditions. In addition to climbing peaks, he toured more than 10 countries by bicycle (Nepal, Iran, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Ruta Maya in Mexico and Guatemala…) The hardest, the Transmarrocan, where he pedaled 2,300 kilometers. Alone he covered the “Carretera Austral” in Chilean Patagonia. This adventurous traveler discovered the Arctic. Later, he traveled to southern Greenland on a kayak trip that ensured his falling in love with the island. In fact, he has returned with two more expeditions: a journey through “Inlandsis” and the centenary of the arrival to the North Pole, where he met Ramon. He has trained as an advanced diver and as an underwater cameraman, which has led him to explore the most remote seabed, south of Maldives. He has more than 500 dives and his videos have won awards at prestigious festivals; including the Gold at the International Submarine Film Series San Sebastian 2015, the most important event in Europe in the genre, with his short “Tiny World.”


MiguelHerreroMiguel Herrero has a passion for mountains. As a fan and sports equipment tester, to which he is dedicated professionally, he has accoomplished ascents of a number of peaks (Pyrenees, Picos de Europa, etc.) and in different mountain ranges of the world, from the Alps to Morocco, Pakistan and China. His experience in the Arctic began in 2005 with Ramon. With the explorer he got to know Greenland, where he made his first polar pulka journey. He has been on several cruises in Finland, Iceland, east coast of southern Greenland and a trip in Kola (Russia) by dogsled from Qaannaq to Humboldt Glacier. Miguel owns the shop OUTDOOR UNLIMITED for climbing, mountaineering and expedition equipment.


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