Kangerlussuaq Ice Adventure

Explore the emblematic gate of Greenland and share with the Inuit their traditional means of transport, having the unique chance to explore the wide open white landscapes of the Kangerlussuaq area... Dog sledding and northern lights adventure!

Kangerlussuaq Greenland map

As trip Highlights:

  • Discover the surrounding area of Kangerlussuaq from a sled pulled along behind a team of baying dogs or also by a 4WD-vehicle.
  • Explore a part of the Greenlandic wide open landscapes in winter and spring season.
  • Experiment a traditional dog sled expedition in one of the most remote areas of the Arctic! This tour will show us how Inuit (Greenlandic) and dogs fought together in order to survive the harsh conditions of Greenland.
  • Witness the northern lights, the “Dance of the Sky”, from one of the world’s most special area.
  • Cultural exchange with Greenlandic population.


Day 1. Arrival to Kangerlussuaq and sightseeing visit

Flight Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq. Arrival to Kangerlussuaq and check-in in the hostel located just few meters away from the airport.

Kangerlussuaq (English: "Big Fjord”) is a former US Military air base and, today, the main airport of Greenland. During a two hour visit, the guide will share exciting stories about the origin of the base which dated around between the Second World War and the Cold War.

The area around Kangerlussuaq has Greenland's longest road where we can meet the great Greenlandic nature. We drive to the harbour to enjoy views of the beautiful fjord. Then we will rich Kellyville, an American research facility dedicated to studying the upper atmosphere, 12 kilometers away from the airport. We will also visit the Village Kennel where we'll get better acquainted with Greenlandic sled dogs. We'll have ample opportunity to take in the stunning nature during the scenic drive.

Accommodation in double/twin room with shared facilities.

Kangerlussuaq polar lodge hostel

Days 2 and 3 (or 4 when 5 day trip). Optional excursions in Kangerlussuaq area.

Accommodation in double/twin room with shared facilities.

Dog sledding trip - 2 or 4 hours

Dog sledding tours in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Don't miss this great experience! The dog sled driver and his dogs take you across the thick ice on the fjord to let you experience the true Greenland.

Min. Participants to confirm departure: 1

Price (2 hours): 1150 dkk (157 €), includes rental of warm seal fur clothing and polar boots.

Price (4 hours): 1850 dkk (250 €), includes rental of warm seal fur clothing and polar boots.


Two-day dog sled adventure

two-day dog sled adventure in Kangerlussuaq

The dog sled is an important part of the Greenlandic culture. Through the ages, it was the only means of transportation during winter when the ground was covered in ice and snow. On this two-day trip, we will travel by dog-pulled sleds on Kangerlussuaq Fjord with snow-clad mountains on both sides before ascending the terrain of the mountain sides. Be embraced by the magnificent Greenlandic nature on this adventurous tour. We will sleep in a hunting cabin or a tent and get to experience the magnificent polar night. With a little luck, the northern lights will dance in the sky above us. On this tour, we're all part of the team and activities such as cooking, chopping ice, gathering snow (to melt for drinking and making hot beverages), packing the sled and feeding the dogs, are shared among us.

This expedition can be quite physically demanding and requires reasonably good physical ability on the part of all participants. Dog sled tours are not recommended for people with back problems, as the rides can be quite bumpy at times.

Duration: 2 days (approx.)

Min. Participants to confirm departure: 1

Price: 5250 dkk (707 €), meals and sleeping bag included


4WD-vehicle excursion to ICE CAP POINT 660 and Ice Trekking

4WD and ice treeking in Kangerlussuaq

Powerful 4WD-vehicles will take us through an incredibly beautiful landscape, through mountains, plains and semi-desert valleys. Near the Ice Cap, we drive through the fantastic moraine landscape. At the end of the road, we walk to the Greenland Ice Cap and onto the vast ice sheet. We spend some time exploring this world of ice before returning to our vehicle. There are good chances of spotting reindeer and musk oxen.

Duration: 5 hours (approx.)

Min. Participants to confirm departure: 4

Price: 610 dkk (82 €), hot drink included


Russel Glacier

Russel glacier excursion in Kangerlussuaq

Driving partially off-road, we take the fascinating route to the spectacular Russell Glacier. The glacier is an impressive sight with its vertical ice walls rising as high as 60m. We'll get close enough for some great photo and video opportunities. The surroundings are spectacular, and chances are good for spotting musk oxen and perhaps even ptarmigans and arctic hare.

Duration: 4 hours (approx.)

Min. Participants to confirm departure: 4

Price: 610 dkk (82 €)


Tundra and wildlife tour

Tundra and wildlife, Kangerlussuaq

Kangerlusssuaq has incredibly beautiful nature and is home to the massive musk ox. We will drive through the stunning tundra landscape in 4WD truck and the guide will fill us in on the various wildlife of this area. Maybe we'll get the chance to spot musk oxen and learn more about these incredible creatures. Whether we can come close to musk oxen, or simply look at them from a distance, is not predictable. But the guide always brings binoculars, so there is a very good chance of seeing these amazing animals and other wildlife in the area. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to explore the stunning nature and wildlife around Kangerlussuaq.

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes (approx.)

Min. Participants to confirm departure: 4

Operation depends on weather and ice condition

Price: 275dkk (37€)


Ice Fishing in the Fjord

Ice fishing in Kangerlussuaq

We drive to the harbour and walk on the thick Kangerlussuaq Fjord ice to find a good fishing spot. After drilling holes through the thick ice, we will settle down and try our luck. There is usually plenty of fish!

Duration: 3 hours (approx.)

Period: January – April

Min. Participants to confirm departure: 4

Price: 395 dkk (54 €)


3 Sightseeing flights over Kangerlussuaq Glacier

Sightseeing flights over Kangerlussuaq and the Greenlandic ice cap

Ice Cap Tour

A spectacular sightseeing to the Ice Cap

Duration: 25 minutes (approx.)

Price: 1229,25 dkk (165 €)

Musk Ox Tour

Musk Ox Sightseeing, with GUARANTEE

Duration: 25 minutes (approx.)

Price: 1229,25 dkk (165 €)

Plus Tour

Discover: a spectacular Sightseeing with various wildlife, the magnificent Inland Ice, Dessert Valley and Musk Ox GUARANTEE

Duration: 45 minutes (approx.)

Price: 2100,90 dkk (282 €)

Day 4 (or 5 when 5 day trip). Flight to Copenhagen

Free time in Kangerlussuaq before the check-in of the return flight to Copenhagen.

N. B. Note that there is a possibility to stay one more night in Kangerlussuaq.

Price for the 5 day trip is 1,395 €

From (date) To (date) Departure Price in Euros Availability
Feb 29, 2016Mar 03, 2016From Copenhagen€1295Available
Mar 01, 2016Mar 04, 2016From Copenhagen€1295Available
Mar 04, 2016Mar 07, 2016From Copenhagen€1295Available
Mar 07, 2016Mar 10, 2016From Copenhagen€1295Available
Mar 08, 2016Mar 11, 2016From Copenhagen€1295Available
Mar 11, 2016Mar 14, 2016From Copenhagen€1295Available
Mar 14, 2016Mar 17, 2016From Copenhagen€1295Available
Mar 15, 2016Mar 18, 2016From Copenhagen€1295Available
Mar 18, 2016Mar 21, 2016From Copenhagen€1295Available
Mar 21, 2016Mar 24, 2016From Copenhagen€1295Available
Mar 22, 2016Mar 25, 2016From Copenhagen€1295Available
Mar 25, 2016Mar 28, 2016From Copenhagen€1295Available
Mar 28, 2016Mar 31, 2016From Copenhagen€1295Available
Mar 29, 2016Apr 01, 2016From Copenhagen€1295Available
Apr 01, 2016Apr 04, 2016From Copenhagen€1295Available
Apr 04, 2016Apr 07, 2016From Copenhagen€1295Available
Apr 05, 2016Mar 08, 2016From Copenhagen€1295Available
Apr 08, 2016Apr 11, 2016From Copenhagen€1295Available
Apr 11, 2016Apr 14, 2016From Copenhagen€1295Available

This trip, considered as “active”, is physically challenging but it is designed so that it is suitable for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and goes hiking on a regular basis. For the optional dog sledding excursion, adventurers should be prepared as sometimes they may go running just close to sledges. The cold temperature (between -20ºC and -15ºC) and possible changes in the weather conditions, may convert the tour difficult.

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Our commitments

Environmental sustainability. We believe in a responsible tourism with unspoilt nature of Greenland, so all our trips are planned to have the least possible impact on the environment.

Safety. All our guides are expert about Greenland and know when either it is or it is not convinient to carry out an activity. Our safety records are unmatchable.

Local population. Our Inuit Climate Change Patrol   ensures the maintanance of Inuit traditions by involving local people in utilization of a sustainable tourism.

Inuit Windsled 

To collaborate in the deepest knowledge of the most unfamiliar places on the planet and do so without affecting ecosystems. This is the philosophy that marks the Inuit Windsled Project, the only totally ecological vehicle designed for research in Polar lands.

Based on the ancient knowledge of the Inuit peoples, the Windsled developers have managed to create a means of transportation that combines tradition with modern means through kites that harness aeolian energy.

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Inuit Climate Change Patrol;

In Thule today sled dogs are still used and the inhabitants go in search of their livelihood in cloth-lined kayaks, but we are witnessing the last generation of true Inuit hunters. Most of these people are between 45 and 60 years old and the next generation aren’t continuing in these traditions… Are we witnessing  the last dynasty of the Kings of Thule?  

This fear is the germ of the Inuit Climate Change Patrol, current project led by Ramon Larramendi (founder of Greenland.net)

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