East Greenland Ski Touring

In the heart of the deep fjords of East Greenland, surrounded by steep granite mountains, a small village called Kuummiut lies buried in snow. This Inuit hunter’s village of 350 inhabitants finds itself at the edge of one of the most impressive mountain ranges one can find on the planet. This is the ideal place to discover the still existing Inuit hunters culture at the same time as one enjoys the finest alpine touring skiing one could possibly dream about.

As trip highlights:

  • Discover the edge of the great “Sweitzerland“ massif by staying a couple of nights in the Tasiilaq mountain hut.
  • All transport of baggage is assured by a snowmobile, which also helps skiers with the long legs of the trip.
  • This trip is a discovery on alpine touring skis of these magnificent Arctic landscapes.
  • Meet the great people that have survived for thousands of years in this hostile environment.

Day 1. Flight Reykjavík  - Kulusuk

Flight from Reykjavík (Iceland domestic airport) to Kulusuk. There, we load our baggage to a snowmobile and start our trip. After 12 km we will find a boat waiting for us at the ice edge, from where we sail to Kuummiut. Arriving to Kuummiut in the late afternoon.
Night in a sleeping bag accommodation in the village.

Greenland tours, Kuummiut village in east Greenland

Day 2. The Kuummiut mountain

Climb of the 1050m high mountain above Kuummiut. We put on the skins and climb a beautiful ridge up to the summit. Magnificent mountain view awaits us at the top before a beautiful descent down a small glacier and the on the moraine down to the Ammassalik fjord again. Night in the same accommodation as the night before.
Ascent / Descent approx. 1050 m. Skiing: 6 - 7 hours.

Greenland tours, ski touring, mountain summit

Day 3. From Kuummiut to Sweitzerland

With the help of a snowmobile we cross over to Tunu (the backside) and then through a mountain valley towards the Tasiilaq Mountain Hut, situated in the southern part of the very impressive Sweitzerland mountains. We ski between impressive steep granite summits and hanging glaciers. In the late afternoon we arrive to a mountain hut at the foot of huge granite peaks. Night in the Tasiilaq mountain hut.
Ascent 1000 m. / Descent 200 m.   Skiing: 8 - 9 hours.

Greeland tours, ski touring hut

Day 4. Sweitzerland mountains

Discovery on skis of the mountain range. We climb up to a col to get a view over the huge Karale glacier tongue and discover the back side of the Tripples (2233 m).
Ascent / Descent 700 m. Skiing: 6-7 hours.

Greenland tours, ski touring summit

Day 5. Tasiilaq fjord

We start the day by skiing down to the Tasiilaq fjord (800 m descent) and from there we travel with the help of a snowmobile to a narrow valley. We climb to a small col at 500 m and depending on conditions up to a glacier above the col to get a nice descent. We then continue back to Kuummiut.

Ascent   500-700 m. / Descent 1300 to 1500 m.  Skiing: 8 to 9 hours.  

Greenland tours, ski touring iceberg

Day 6. Tunu

We cross the small fjord of Tunu to get to some of the magnificent mountains towering the village. With skins we reach a col at aprox 500m where from we enjoy the view over the islands towards the south. Descent back to Tunu and crossing over to the village. On the way home we have the option of a second climb to 500 m.  

Ascent  500 m. (with another 500 optional) /   Descent 500 m.    Skiing: 6 to 7 hours.

Greenland tours, ski touring near Tulu

Day 7: Kuummiut  - Kulusuk

Travel back to Kulusuk, first with boat and then aprox 12 km by skis. Arrival in late afternoon to Kulusuk village where we stay over the night in sleeping bag accommodation at the Kulusuk Hostel.

Greenland tours, way back to Kuummiut

Day 8: Kulusuk- Reykjavík

Short discovery of Kulusuk in the morning. By skis we walk the 3 km from the village to the airport where from we take the flight back to Reykjavík.  

March and April 2016

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Demanding some effort and certain endurance. Good health and some skiing experience is required. 6-8 hours walk per day. Often involves carrying your own gear.

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Our commitments

Environmental sustainability. We believe in a responsible tourism with unspoilt nature of Greenland, so all our trips are planned to have the least possible impact on the environment.

Safety. All our guides are expert about Greenland and know when either it is or it is not convinient to carry out an activity. Our safety records are unmatchable.

Local population. Our Inuit Climate Change Patrol   ensures the maintanance of Inuit traditions by involving local people in utilization of a sustainable tourism.

Inuit Windsled 

To collaborate in the deepest knowledge of the most unfamiliar places on the planet and do so without affecting ecosystems. This is the philosophy that marks the Inuit Windsled Project, the only totally ecological vehicle designed for research in Polar lands.

Based on the ancient knowledge of the Inuit peoples, the Windsled developers have managed to create a means of transportation that combines tradition with modern means through kites that harness aeolian energy.

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Inuit Climate Change Patrol;

In Thule today sled dogs are still used and the inhabitants go in search of their livelihood in cloth-lined kayaks, but we are witnessing the last generation of true Inuit hunters. Most of these people are between 45 and 60 years old and the next generation aren’t continuing in these traditions… Are we witnessing  the last dynasty of the Kings of Thule?  

This fear is the germ of the Inuit Climate Change Patrol, current project led by Ramon Larramendi (founder of Greenland.net)

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