Hiking & Kayak adventure

The active combination for South Greenland: our route will begin with a 3 day hike into the untamed and untouched Land of Mellem. Later on the circle will be closed with an unparalleled 3 day kayaking trip amid icebergs. We will delight with panoramic views of the polar ice cap and the fjord system of Southern Greenland. Meanwhile, we will have visited the Viking ruins at Brattahlid, navigating towards Qorooq Fjord in our speed boat and, in addition, we will have already tasted part of the Inuit diet. Nights will be spent in tents at unique camps or at  perfectly located hostels.  

Greenland Holidays, Erik the Red route map

As journey highlights

  • Singular kayaking among ice, icebergs and glaciers amid an environment that is in complete harmony with fierce nature thanks to isolation and self depending freedom.
  • Unique hiking experience through tundra, in complete autonomy, in the absolutely wild Land of Mellem in Southern Greenland.
  • Witnessing the northern lights or “dance of the sky” from one of the world’s most special areas. From mid August onwards.
  • Visit of diverse Greenlandic Inuit settlements, Qasiarsuk and Tasiusaq.
  • RIB navigation to ice filled Qorooq Fjord.
  • First hand observation of climate change effects in South Greenland.
  • Sampling of a good part of the Inuit diet, such as seal, whale and caribou meat, anmmassat...
  • Salmon and cod fishing
  • Visiting viking and Inuit archaeological ruins.
  • Sighting of local fauna such as eagles, foxes, arctic hares, or even seals.



Day 1. Viking ruins of Brattahlid, present day Qassiarsuk

Flight from Keflavik (or Copenhaguen) to Narsarsuaq. Reception at the airport by our English speaking guide and transfer by speed boat through Tunulliarfik Fjord, frequently covered by icebergs, to Qassiarsuk. Guided visit to the Viking ruins of Brattahlid to learn the history of the arrival of Eric the Red from Iceland at this small settlement in 985 and Leiff, his son’s voyage to Vinland (Canada) in 1000. Of particular interest are the reconstructions of a viking house (spacious but cold) and an inuit dwelling (small but warmer), transporting us back in time to the harsh conditions in which these people lived and it definitely shows us how the Inuit knew how to adapt better to the progressive cooling of the climate.  Accommodation at the Leif Eriksson Hostel.

Greenland holidays, viking ruins at Qassiarsuk

Day 2. Flower Valley and Kiattut glacier

After leaving non-essential luggage at the hostel, we cross the Eriksfjord again and start ascending the Mellem Mountains through the Flower Valley. Beginning of the hike nearby Narsarsuaq Mountains: ascent to Mellem Camp while travelling through lakes and rivers towards Flower Valley with magnificent views of this enormous valley created by glacier withdrawal and subsequent sedimentation. We will approach Kiattut Glacier, famous for its spectacular scenery and with unbeatable panoramic views of the ice. Carrying on with the hike among tundra and lakes, we will head towards the Mellem cabin, where we will be setting up our camp for the night. Overnight in tents at Mellem’s Camp.

Greenland Holidays, Mellem mountains hike

Day 3. Ice break at Qorooq Glacier

We will continue our journey with the hike up to a scenic viewing point of Qorooq Glacier, the most active in Southern Greenland. We will be right at the glacier’s top where we can observe its extension as it drops to the sea. Spectacular sights of ice breaking off into the sea. Overnight in tents at Mellem’s Camp.

Greenland holidays, Qooroq glacier

Day 4. View of the ice cap, Qooroq Ice Fjord excursion and greenlandic dinner

Descent from Mellem Camp: on our way back to Narsarsuaq and from a height of less than 1.000 metres, we can indulge in one of the most privileged panoramas of the south. Walking in tundra encircled by green mountains and valleys specked with lakes and rivers, we will find ourselves in a setting with the inland’s incredible mass of ice behind us (Qorooq and Kiattuut Glaciers) and majestic fiords right in front.

Boat transfer from Narsarsuaq to Qassiarsuk. During the afternoon, we will visit Qorooq Ice Fjord, where one of the most active glaciers in Southern Greenland may be found. We will navigate on our zodiac type boat to the area where iceberg density is such that it makes it impossible to carry on. This is, without doubt, one of Greenland's best images. Special dinner with typical local Greenlandic products: whale, seal, caribou or mattak, among others. Accommodation at Leif Eriksson Hostel.

Greenland holidays, Qooroq ice fjord boat excursion

Day 5. Tasiusaq bay, the Kayaking spot

Next morning, hiking to Tasiusaq farm where seven people live in notable isolation next to Sermilik Fjord, which is almost always blocked by ice and icebergs coming from Eqaloruutsit Glacier. Ten minutes from our hostel in Tasiusaq is the yurt (Mongolian tent) with the kayak equipment. After selecting waterproof clothing and navigation accessories we make first contact with the water in the small bay of Tasiusaq and get to know the basics of security.  Accommodation in Tasiusaq Hostel.

Greenland holidays, kayaking among icebergs

Day 6. Navigation amongst icebergs

Navigating through the ice, and on many occasions among gigantic icebergs, the experiences are unforgettable: seals heads suddenly appearing, the noise made by moving icebergs or kayaks slicing silently through the water... We stop for lunch at small islands or on the coast if the group wants to: there’s no rush, our goal is about ten km west along the Sermilik Fjord to reach an isthmus where we set up camp. From there, we will take a short walk to the other side of the isthmus to admire the stunning view of the Eqalorutsit glacier tongue... The Ice Cap again! Overnight  in tents.

Greenland holidays, the Eqalorutsit glacier from the isthmus

Day 7. Western cape before heading back to Tasiusaq

Kayaking deeply into the fiord’s mouth where lots of varied ice formations and icebergs will appear to us. Depending on ice conditions, we may reach the Kangerdlua area, usually inaccessible all year round. Return to camp in the afternoon. Possibility to go fishing at the fjord. Night spent in a tent.

south greenland holidays, kayaking among icebergs

Day 8. Hike back to Qassiarsuk

In the morning we head off to Qassiarsuk while our backpacks are transported by jeep. After some rest and shower, boat transfer to Narsarsuaq. Time to stroll around the area and visit the Bluie West One museum, former US military base frozen in time since the Second World War.  

Flight from Narsarsuaq to Keflavik (Iceland's international airport) or to Copenhaguen.



This itinerary is a unique trip, designed and organised by GREENLAND NET. It keeps the adventure and discovery ingredients present in all our journeys. The adventure break trip can be performed as explained above or in a different order. The order of activities may not be exactly as planned in this outline. Greenland is the wildest country in the northern hemisphere, infrastructures are almost non-existent and logistics pose enormous challenges.

Helicopters and boats can be delayed due to weather, sea or ice conditions. Also technical difficulties may arise, therefore requiring flexibility in the traveller as travel plan modifications may occur. In addition, some activities, optional or not, may be cancelled because of specific weather or ice conditions. As locals will say, “The weather is the boss in Greenland”.

The proposed itinerary is designed for departures on Tuesdays; Departures operating on Saturday will start directly on the 5th day of the trip and will be performed in a different order. Activities will be identical.



1,895 €  from Keflavik, Iceland  (round-trip ticket included)

2,195 €  from Copenhagen, Denmark  (round-trip ticket included)

Send a enquiry  to check available dates in 2018 for this trip

From (date) To (date) Departure Price in Euros Availability
Jun 26, 2018Aug 28, 2018From Copenhagen€2195Available
Jun 26, 2018Sep 11, 2018From Iceland€1895Available

Physical Condition

This trip, considered as “active”, is physically challenging but it is designed so that it is suitable for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, who doesn’t mind sleeping in a tent and goes hiking or trekking on a regular basis.

During the treks, each participant will carry their own equipment in their backpack (with a minimum capacity of 60 litres). Common equipment such as tents, cookers, etc., will be found in the camps.  Daily walking times will be around 4-6 hours per day.


It is not absolutely necessary to have had prior experience in a kayak in order to participate in our trip, because the kayaks are stable, wide and safe, although if you haven't got any experience, we do recommend that you take a course and practise all you can before the trip. Travelling in these kayaks is not technically difficult, and is only done when conditions are favourable.

In the two-person kayaks, those in better shape will be paired with those who are a little less fit, so that the group can be balanced. The trip is not recommended only for those with serious back problems, due to the difficulties that can result from carrying the kayaks from the beach to the water and back.  

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Our commitments

Environmental sustainability. We believe in a responsible tourism with unspoilt nature of Greenland, so all our trips are planned to have the least possible impact on the environment.

Safety. All our guides are expert about Greenland and know when either it is or it is not convinient to carry out an activity. Our safety records are unmatchable.

Local population. Our Inuit Climate Change Patrol   ensures the maintanance of Inuit traditions by involving local people in utilization of a sustainable tourism.

Inuit Windsled 

To collaborate in the deepest knowledge of the most unfamiliar places on the planet and do so without affecting ecosystems. This is the philosophy that marks the Inuit Windsled Project, the only totally ecological vehicle designed for research in Polar lands.

Based on the ancient knowledge of the Inuit peoples, the Windsled developers have managed to create a means of transportation that combines tradition with modern means through kites that harness aeolian energy.

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Inuit Climate Change Patrol;

In Thule today sled dogs are still used and the inhabitants go in search of their livelihood in cloth-lined kayaks, but we are witnessing the last generation of true Inuit hunters. Most of these people are between 45 and 60 years old and the next generation aren’t continuing in these traditions… Are we witnessing  the last dynasty of the Kings of Thule?  

This fear is the germ of the Inuit Climate Change Patrol, current project led by Ramon Larramendi (founder of Greenland.net)

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