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Founded on the experience of Ramon Larramendi, pioneer in Greenland, polar explorer and Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions Director, greenland.net is an specialized Greenland travel portal with a chosen selection of the finest travel experiences and adventures that a traveler can live in Greenland in an authentic, responsible and sustainable manner.

In this website you will find a set of the best trips and experiences that a traveler can live in Greenland, giving advice on what is the most interesting of each area of Greenland during each season of the year. With the experience of Ramon Larramendi, owner of the greenlandic adventure travel company called Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions and record holder of the longest non motorized journeys ever made in Greenland, the Arctic and Antarctica, we intend to help the traveler finding the trip of a lifetime and, by the way, supporting our eco-projects in the country.

Ramon Larramendi, polar explorer and pioneer in Greenland

“To me, the idea of organizing trips in Greenland arose in 1993 while doing the Three Years Across the Arctic Expedition (the longest polar non motorized/sustainable journey ever achieved: 8,400 miles by kayaking and dog sledding from the southern tip of Greenland to the southern coast of Alaska). First, during the expedition I had had some quite unusual experiences and I thought a lot of people would be interested on it. On the other hand, I wanted to organize a type of responsible tourism that would not allow the traditional lifestyle of the residents of Greenland to be lost and, indeed, experience the Arctic in a sustainable manner”.

Two decades later, what started up as a one-man show has grown to become the largest adventure travel company in southern Greenland -“Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions”- with thousands of satisfied travelers since the beginning, back in 1997, allowing to give real way to the core values that inspired Larramendi during the Three Years Across the Arctic Expedition: responsible tourism with the Inuit tradition and sustainability of the polar regions.

Sustainable /Responsible Tourism: leading by example

When you choose to travel with us to any pristine area of Greenland you're supporting our eco-projects on the field:

Inuit Windsled Project: Our effort  in sustainability goes beyond words and takes real shape in the Inuit Windsled Project. It’s about the only totally ecological vehicle designed for research in the Polar regions that has crossed Greenland and Antarctica several times. Overall, Greenland crossings have served to test the vehicle with a view to the major scientific research expeditions in Antarctica, the one of the South Pole of Inaccessibility in 2006 and the one of the Geographic South Pole in 2012. The goal for the future is the Circumnavigation of Antarctica, a research expedition in which 1,5 tons of ice samples will be collected after complete a circular route of 4,350 miles within the white continent… Without spend a single drop of fuel!

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Inuit Climate Change Patrol: On the other hand, for us "responsible tourism" has to do with supporting the traditional way of life of the Inuit people, creating jobs and drawing attention to this little corner of our world, its current situation and its extraordinary potential. This is the aim of our Inuit Climate Change Patrol, a circuit of 1,000 km by dog sled over the Ice Cap and the sea ice driven by the Thule Inuit themselves in the company of a team of scientists and communicators, in order to study and monitor the impact on climate change in the remote region of the Humboldt Glacier in Northwest Greenland, a usual place for polar bear breeding.

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Our commitments

Environmental sustainability. We believe in a responsible tourism with unspoilt nature of Greenland, so all our trips are planned to have the least possible impact on the environment.

Safety. All our guides are expert about Greenland and know when either it is or it is not convinient to carry out an activity. Our safety records are unmatchable.

Local population. Our Inuit Climate Change Patrol   ensures the maintanance of Inuit traditions by involving local people in utilization of a sustainable tourism.

Inuit Windsled 

To collaborate in the deepest knowledge of the most unfamiliar places on the planet and do so without affecting ecosystems. This is the philosophy that marks the Inuit Windsled Project, the only totally ecological vehicle designed for research in Polar lands.

Based on the ancient knowledge of the Inuit peoples, the Windsled developers have managed to create a means of transportation that combines tradition with modern means through kites that harness aeolian energy.

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Inuit Climate Change Patrol;

In Thule today sled dogs are still used and the inhabitants go in search of their livelihood in cloth-lined kayaks, but we are witnessing the last generation of true Inuit hunters. Most of these people are between 45 and 60 years old and the next generation aren’t continuing in these traditions… Are we witnessing  the last dynasty of the Kings of Thule?  

This fear is the germ of the Inuit Climate Change Patrol, current project led by Ramon Larramendi (founder of Greenland.net)

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